An illustration of a game board with a road that leads to common situations in life.

Moving Forward is a step-by-step approach to solving common problems like finding a job or dealing with a serious health issue.

An illustration of a running track with a runner jumping over a hurdle.

Relationship problems are one type of hurdle that this training can help you to get over.

A 3-D image of a male service member climbing over an obstacle course.

This program teaches you how to overcome obstacles like stress, which can prevent you from reaching your goals.

A collage of images of male and female services members posted on a pin-board.

Learn how Veterans and Service Members have used this training to solve their problems

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What is Moving Forward?
Moving Forward is a free, on-line educational and life coaching program that teaches Problem Solving skills to help you to better handle life’s challenges. It is designed to be especially helpful for Veterans, Military Service Members and their families. However, Moving Forward teaches skills that can be useful to anyone with stressful problems. Are you ready to Move Forward? Select the button below to take the Moving Forward Training.

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Interested in checking out Moving Forward? The links below will take you into various pages with videos or activities in the course. If you want to return to this page, just close the course window.
Meet the Cast

View two sample videos of characters from the course to learn how Moving Forward can help Veterans and Service Members.

A close-up photo of the face of cast-member Brandon Miller, a 28 year old Marine Corps Veteran.
A close-up photo of the face of cast-member Matt Fisher, an Active Duty Service Member.
A close-up photo of the face of cast-member Tom Smith, a Vietnam-era Veteran.
A close-up photo of the face of cast-member Justin Wilson, an Active Duty Service Member.
A close-up photo of the face of cast-member Erika Johnson, an OEF/OIF Veteran.
Does Stress Affect Your Performance?
A photo of an active duty male Service Member trying to find a single item amongst a mountain of junk.
Learn how time pressure can make it hard to complete a simple task.
Is Your Brain Overloaded?
An image collage made up of random images.
This game demonstrates how brain overload can limit your ability to remember important details.
How Stressed Are You?
An illustration of a human head, using gears to portray the human brain.
This 10 question quiz will evaluate your stress level based on your responses.
Simple Steps to Solve Your Problems
A photo of Caucasian man rock climbing.
Learn about the four steps to successful problem solving.
Relaxation Exercises
Stress and anxiety make it more difficult to think clearly and solve your problems. Relaxation exercises can help you prepare to start overcoming life’s challenges.